Surgical Abortions

Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion means using surgical instruments to perform the abortion. Surgical abortion is a very safe and effective method of abortion with fewer risks than childbirth. A surgical abortion in the first trimester usually takes only a few minutes and can be performed under local anesthesia, light or deep anesthesia. A surgical abortion can be performed through 24 weeks and may require 2 visits.

Before a Surgical Abortion

You will complete medical history forms and some lab testing will be conducted. An ultrasound examination will be done to confirm and date your pregnancy. This is very important for the safety of a surgical abortion. You will view an educational video about surgical abortion and a staff person will answer your questions.

After a Surgical Abortion

You will rest at least 30-60 minutes in our recovery area. You will receive instructions on how to care for yourself after the surgical abortion. We ask that you return for a follow up examination 2- 3 weeks after the surgical abortion procedure.