Abortion Pill (RU 486)

We are currently not offering the Abortion Pill in our office, due to a recent change in Texas laws.

The Abortion Pill (RU 486) has been used in Europe for many years and is now available in the United States. RU 486 is considered to be more natural like a miscarriage and gives women more privacy.

Advantages of the RU 486 Abortion Pill

One of the biggest advantages of the RU 486 Abortion Pill is that you can receive treatment as soon as your pregnancy test is positive, privately, discreetly, quickly, and without surgery!

What to Expect from the RU 486 Abortion Pillabortion-pill-ru486

The RU 486 Abortion Pill / Mifepristone medical abortion begins with an oral medication taken in our office.  Six to twelve hours later you will take Misoprostol tablets by mouth. These tablets will promote cramping and miscarriage of the pregnancy. You probably will begin to bleed after taking the Misoprostol.  Expect your bleeding to last between 9 – 16 days and may last as long as 30 days.

The RU 486 "Abortion Pill" Medical Abortion Procedure

There are three steps for abortion pill:

  1. You will receive your dose of Mifepristone in the office. Mifepristone blocks the hormone progesterone. Without progesterone, the lining of the uterus breaks down, ending the pregnancy.
  2. You will take a second medication — Misoprostol at home. Misoprostol softens the cervix and causes the uterus to contract and empty. You will take the Misoprostol six to twelve hours after taking the first medication (Mifepristone).   After you take the Misoprostol you will most likely start to bleed heavily within hours or days. This is the abortion. You may see clots and some may be as large as a golf ball or up to the size of an orange during the initial bleeding.
  3. You will return to our office for a follow-up visit in two to three weeks.  We need to be certain the abortion is complete and that you are well. We will do a sonogram and a pregnancy test at your follow up visit.  The RH factor of your blood type will be determined at your initial visit, and, if you have RH negative blood you will receive a Rhogam injection the day you begin your procedure. You will receive written information that describes the entire process and you will have a private consultation with our physician to address any questions or concerns.